We pride ourselves on our 100% In-House production with the following facilities:

  • Casting (Sand and Gravity)
  • Lathe, Grinding, Milling, Drilling, Taping, Lancer, & Power Press machines
  • Forging machine capable of up to 400 tons variable load
  • Electrostatic Lacquer
  • Electrophoretic Lacquer (one of the most clean and effective plants)
  • Electrostatic Spray Lacquer
  • Zamac Die casting Machines
  • Ultrasonic Degreasing
  • Electroplating and Anodizing Plants
  • Polishing in a variety of finishes
  • Powder Coating
  • (Computerized Numerical Control) CNC
  • Product Development expertise

Product Development Expertise

The company is endeavored to new product developments and with the team of highly technical & skilled staff; it is committed to satisfy the customers by continual improvement in product quality & services.

  • Research and Tooling department
  • Custom product development through AutoCAD software
  • Testing Lab

Environment Conscious

We at Black Panther Exports believe in sustainable development of the earth and surroundings for our future generations. Environmental issues are cumulating everyday including major problems associated with water management from industrial waste. Subsequently we have taken curative actions to prevent the environment by implementing measures like:

  • Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)
  • Safety, Health and Environment Policy
  • Periodic initiatives and campaigns to encourage Forestation and Rain-Water Harvesting

Black Panther Exports offers a wide range of packaging options, which can be tailored to our valuable customer demands by our experienced and adept Designing and Development team under the professional guidance of our Marketing team.


The current packaging options varies as:

  • Plain Box (White Box/ Brown Box with a label)
  • Printed Box (Coloured Box)
  • Trade Pack (Value Packs)
  • Shelf Ready Packs
  • FSDUs (Floor Display Standing Units)
  • Polybags & Header (Header Card can be designed & developed)
  • Printed Polybags
  • Skin Card (Skin Card can be designed & developed)
  • Blister & Clamp Packs (Premium Packaging)
  • Bar Codes, Coloured Labels

The above is additionally available with variable Tier packaging. For example, any product with any of the above specification + dump bins + pallet promotions are offered.


Enjoy the benefits of having premium quality Builder Hardware product, backed by consistent and precise standards, being marketed as your own.

Black Panther Exports being one of the leading manufacturers in innovative and premium quality Builder Hardware products, is proud to offer private labeling service to its valued customers based all over the world. Black Panther Exports makes a private label easy and affordable to materialize its motto – “Your success is our success”.

We can also assist you with packaging & design and can tailor our products to suit your budget and product specifications.

Customized Packaging & Labeling Service

Label designing and packaging according to client’s requirements and needs

Innovative Solutions

Solutions for your new product ideas

Unmatched Quality

Independent QC check of finished products

Industry Leading Market Prices

The best prices in the industry

Lateral Business

Buying direct from the manufacturer means big savings for you

Our Private Labeling / Contract Manufacturing service has been organized to market our capabilities to OEM’s requirements. At Black Panther Exports, we blend the best traditional fabricating experience with the latest in advanced CNC technology to provide you the ultimate private labeling / contract manufacturing services. This ensures that you will receive builder hardware products of the highest quality.

  • No Rush Charges
  • Extensive Raw Material Sources
  • Very Affordable Pricing

We have become a value-added contract-manufacturing partner to the world’s leading companies by consistently delivering outstanding results to them. Our unique blend of high caliber design, engineering, and manufacturing services, flexibility and responsiveness to customer needs have invariably positioned us in the highly-competitive global contract manufacturing marketplace.

If you want to private label a product as per your specifications or upgrade an existing one, we can do it for you in a very affordable way. No other company can offer you affordable private labeling and contract manufacturing in small / medium orders in unbeatable prices but, Black Panther Exports can.