Environmental Responsibility is a priority, which affects everyone at BLACK PANTHER EXPORTS. Carbon emissions, water, waste, materials, etc…they are all factors that influence the decisions we make, every working day to meet our quest for Sustainable development.
We are using all our expertise to challenge both our products and our operations. Through innovation, we aim to evolve our business and continue to drive down our environmental impact in the future, demonstrating an exciting new synergy between sustainability and performance.
We at BLACK PANTHER EXPORTS believe in sustainable development of the earth and surroundings for our future generations. Environmental issues are cumulating everyday including major problems associated with water management from industrial waste. Subsequently we have taken curative actions to prevent the environment by implementing measures like:

  • Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)
  • Safety, Health and Environment Policy
  • Periodic initiatives and campaigns to encourage Forestation and Rain-Water Harvesting

Inspections are conducted throughout the manufacturing process to ensure compliance to environment’s requirements.